Yoga Immersion at SyteraYoga

Deepen your understanding and practice of yoga through our intensive Yoga Immersion training. This thought-provoking program, led by Sytera and featuring a team of experienced yogis, will invigorate your passion for yoga and challenge you to reach the next level. The Yoga Immersion program is for intermediate to advanced yoga practitioners who are ready to “go behind the poses.”


Yoga is a discipline where you can view yourself more objectively in the moment. It helps you to recognize whether your current thoughts and actions are propelling you to something positive or something negative. Being in a challenging yoga pose provides an opportunity to listen deeply to the thoughts going through your head. You get to practice how you react to uncomfortable situations and then rewrite the limiting narratives you tell yourself. As you deepen this practice, you will find greater freedom, mental space, and creativity in directing your life.


Through the Yoga Immersion, you will find balanced action in every pose (actually feeling the balance of effort and surrender in each pose). You will use poses to strengthen your relationship with your body and your mind (realizing when to go deeper and when to yield). You will gain a broader perspective by actively listening to your thoughts without judgment.


Benefits you will gain from the Yoga Immersion program include:

  • Confidently building a balanced yoga practice for yourself by mastering the basics of sequencing a yoga routine
  • Exploring the philosophy of yoga and how it can enhance both your yoga practice as well as your everyday life and relationships
  • Learning the anatomical alignment of common yoga poses and understanding their benefits to you personally

The Yoga Immersion will occur over three weekends in October and November 2018:

  • October 13-14
  • October 27-28
  • November 10-11

Each weekend, we will meet from noon to 7:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.


Invest in yourself: $695, with an early-bird special price of $595 if you pay in full by September 1, 2018.

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