Welcome to SyteraYoga, a vibrant community dedicated to helping you enjoy the wonderful physical and mental benefits of yoga.

SyteraYoga is a modern, student-focused yoga studio. We are committed to an individualized approach that makes yoga fun and accessible by recognizing each student’s unique needs. To make this a reality, we offer expert teachers, diverse classes for all levels, a service mindset, and an inclusive, welcoming community.

“We’re not looking to escape our modern lives by doing yoga, but rather, we do yoga to be happier and healthier within our modern lives.”

— Sytera Field, Founder of SyteraYoga, Authority magazine

Sytera knows first-hand the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Sytera was 19 when she fell from a cliff and broke both bones in her lower right leg. She had to find a way to heal and trust her body again. Yoga helped her regain confidence, mobility, and strength. Now, drawing on more than two decades as a yoga instructor and practitioner, Sytera fosters a community where yoga and self-care are the path to an energizing and fulfilling life.

Yoga Studio in Vienna

Our beautiful yoga studio in Vienna, Virginia, offers diverse yoga classes for all levels. We welcome new and long-time yoga practitioners. Yoga classes in Vienna include Vinyasa Flow, Power Flow, Slow Flow & Stretch, Ashtanga Yoga, SPA Yoga®, Trapeze Yoga, Yoga for Beginners, and more. Our diverse yoga classes help you reduce stress, relax the body and mind, increase flexibility, and sculpt and strengthen the body.

All SyteraYoga classes are offered in person and live-streamed online. And we send you a high-quality video recording shortly after each class. With these three options, you can enjoy your yoga classes how you want, when you want.

The Nadi Ball Method

SyteraYoga is home to the Nadi Ball Method®, a mix of guided stretching, strengthening, and myofascial massage inspired by Thai Yoga Massage. Sytera Field, the founder of SyteraYoga, developed the Nadi Ball Method® to help practitioners regulate their nervous system by targeting the fascia or energy lines (called the “nadis” in yoga) that serve as the body’s scaffolding of connective tissue.

Sytera’s unique, easy-to-follow Nadi Ball Method® relieves tension, increases strength and mobility, reduces pain and stress, boosts the immune system, and all-around helps you feel like the best version of yourself! Experience a Nadi Ball® class for yourself, and see what all the fuss is about.

Private Yoga

At SyteraYoga, we specialize in private yoga sessions for individuals, couples, and groups. Private yoga sessions are available at our studio in Vienna, at your home or office, and live online. Our Workplace Wellness program offers private yoga classes for your team, discounted SyteraYoga memberships for your employees, and tailored yoga sessions at special events. Whether you’re looking for yoga for beginners or want to take your practice to the next level, our private yoga sessions through SyteraYoga offer you the best yoga experience available.

“Find Your Shine”

Our mission is to encourage you to use yoga, meditation, and stretching to help you improve your well-being and feel energized by life, not depleted by it. The key is self-care. But like all practices, it helps to have an informed, empathetic guide.

“We need to move toward a greater awareness and expectation of how relatively simple practices of regular movement, stretching, healthy sleep, and more can help us live much longer, healthier, and happier lives.”

— Sytera Field, Founder of SyteraYoga, Authority magazine

This is a time to shine, to move through fear and move toward trust. This is my time to be deeply engaged in life and be of service to others. My offering to others comes from a place of compassion, respect, and encouragement. My recognition of others’ uniqueness as well as my own is what makes for a transformative community. My efforts will shine from my heart, and others will recognize themselves in the reflection. I dance with the world from a place of play, truth, transparency, and inspiration. I embody hope and I will laugh, love, and create beauty in every moment of my life. I am a beacon of light for others to follow. Because I allow myself to be vulnerable I influence others to embrace their imperfections and find happiness in who they are right now. I encourage others to find their shine by embracing my own.

We invite you to join our vibrant yoga community. You can check out our class schedule here. And, if you’re a new student, we encourage you to sign up for our New Student Promo of $55 for one month of unlimited classes, which gives you the opportunity to try different classes and teachers to find the ones that best meet your needs.

Got questions? Great. We’re here to answer them. Contact us anytime at or 202-365-8978.

Come see why SyteraYoga has all 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp, and MindBody Online, and why Northern Virginia magazine readers voted SyteraYoga “Best of NoVA”!

SyteraYoga - Find Your Shine

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