Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve never tried yoga before, what should I know?

Welcome to the SyteraYoga community! We embrace yogis of all levels and are here to support you throughout your wellness journey. We offer classes for all levels and all yoga bodies. Our experienced teachers can provide modifications so you get the most out of class. If this is your first time at SyteraYoga, be sure to check out our new student special and take advantage of the opportunity to test a variety of class styles, teachers, and times. A consistent yoga practice starts with your very first class!

Q: What is proper studio etiquette?

  1. Arrive 5 to 10 minutes before class.
  2. If you arrive late, please enter quietly and set up your practice space.
  3. Remove your shoes upon entry and place them in the cubbies near the door.
  4. Refrain from wearing heavy perfumes, colognes, oils, or other strong scents. 
  5. Turn off or silence your cell phone.
  6. If you use studio props or equipment, please remember to clean them off and return them neatly.
  7. Come to your mat with compassion for yourself. Not every practice is the same. Don’t expect today to look like yesterday or last week. Don’t compare yourself with others around you.
  8. Please try not to leave during savasana as it can be disruptive to others.
  9. Find Your Shine!

Q: I’m not ______ (fit, flexible, balanced, coordinated). Can I take your classes?

Absolutely! Yoga is for EVERY body, and we will help you reach your health and wellness goals. With our support, you’ll enjoy yoga’s many wonderful physical and mental benefits.


Q: Where are you located?

The studio address is 901 Glyndon St., SE, #102 Vienna, VA 22180. Most classes are held in person and virtually via Zoom. For in-person, please arrive 5-10 minutes early to have time for the teacher to check you in and for you to set up your space.


Q: Which class should I try?

Each teacher has their own vibe and will tailor the class to the students in the room. Vinyasa Strong and Fluid Yoga tend to be more physically demanding while Slow Flow and Stretch and Nadi Ball classes are more accessible. Vinyasa Flow classes tend to fall in the middle. Take advantage of the new student special to test them all out. 


Q: What should I wear to class?

There aren’t any special yoga clothes. Wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. Socks can be slippery, so we recommend bare feet. No shoes on the studio floor, please! Place your shoes in the cubbies by the door upon arrival. 


Q: What do I need to bring to class?

Bring an open mind to embrace all eight limbs of yoga and an open body willing to try new movements and poses. You might want a water bottle, and a water fountain is just outside the studio door. We have a few mats available to borrow if you don’t have one yet or forgot yours at home. We also have yoga blocks, blankets, bolsters, and Nadi Balls for you to use during class.


Q: How do I sign up for class?

Class registration happens via our website. Create an account, log in, and register for an in-person or online class. Walk-ins are welcome, but we recommend signing up ahead of time to secure your spot. Whether you sign up for an in-person or online class, you will receive the recording of the class and have access to play or replay it for the next three days. 


Q: What is the pricing?

Group class pricing can be found on our website. Our new student special is $75 for unlimited classes for 30 days! Drop us an email if you’re interested in private sessions.

Have a question that’s not listed here? Contact us.

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