Antonia LeNguyen

Yoga Teacher - Antonia LeNguyen

How Antonia Shines:

  • Born in Vietnam to a family deeply rooted in Buddhism and meditation
  • Proud mom to three beautiful, smart, and crazy kids
  • LOVES all yoga, food fare, fitness, and talk radio

Antonia LeNguyen is a free-spirited yogi whose work/life philosophy is one and the same: the human(ity) connection. She is an avid long-distance runner and closeted nerd who loves to read about philosophy, biology/anatomy, and sci-fi/fantasy/war strategies. Her life partner is a creative food-smith, and they opened their food creation, Clarity, in Vienna, VA, on April 7, 2015. Antonia is a socially functional introvert and is ambidextrous, so she loves both “Righties” and “Lefties.

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