SyteraYoga Class Descriptions

Yoga is a unique and powerful combination of movement, stretching, and meditative breath. It  has been proven to strengthen the body, improve flexibility, relieve stress, stay healthy, and improve overall well-being. Below, find a class type that meets your needs. And reach out to us anytime at with questions regarding how yoga can empower you.

Slow Flow & Stretch

Recharge and relax with this accessible yoga class. With just enough movement to increase circulation and improve flexibility, the instructor will offer pointers to improve your alignment and technique. Drawing from Hatha and Yin yoga, you will be guided in meditative breath, deep stretches, and restorative poses. Great for beginner!

Benefits: increase flexibility and range of motion, relieve stress and anxiety, reduce fatigue, improve posture, heal and restore the body and mind

Vinyasa Flow

Boost your physical and mental reserves with this intermediate-level flow for a whole-body, feel-good experience. Vinyasa yoga is fluid movement paired with the breath. Deep stretches will get you out of your head and into your body to relax tight muscles and calm a busy mind. Revitalize yourself, and have fun doing it!

Benefits: increase physical and mental strength and clarity, increase flexibility and range of motion, relieve stress and anxiety, reinvigorate the body and mind

Yin Yoga

Yin is a complementary practice to more active styles of movement supporting maintenance of mobility, healing, and an opportunity to explore mindfulness and the subtler aspects of a personal practice. Working with gravity, students move gently through poses, holding each pose for several minutes. This slow pace allows the pose to work within the deeper tissues, increase awareness of body sensations, and focus the mind. Yin classes focus on the lower body; especially the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, and lower spine.

Benefits: increase flexibility and range of motion, relieve stress and anxiety, support healing and mindfulness.

Yoga Trapeze

A suspension yoga system great for back pain relief, core strength, functional upper body strength, and balance. This is a great class to complement your mat yoga practice, helping you build strength and muscle memory to master inversions and arm balances.   

Benefits: build strength, relieve pain and discomfort, increase stamina

Fluid Vinyasa®

This active class uses classic Vinyasa principles with emphasis on refining balance with the earth, exploring fluid movement in the manner of water and igniting fire within our bodies through core strengthening and twists. You will empower the air flowing within you through breath control.

Benefits: increase strength and flexibility, boost your mood, advance your yoga practice 

Vinyasa Strong

Feel energized and more grounded with this full mind-body yoga practice. This invigorating flow unites breath and movement with a focus on postural alignment and functional mobility. This practice will challenge you to explore within your own body the mechanics of movement, including muscular engagement, stability, mobility, and balance.

Benefits: build strength and stamina, detox and cleanse the body, boost your mood, advance your yoga practice

“Nadi & Nice”® Flow & Massage

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of stretching, strengthening, and massage — all at the same time! “Nadi & Nice” works the fascia and muscles throughout the body in an intermediate yoga flow. The class uses smooth, pliable Nadi Balls® to target specific areas of the body and serve as a vital source of biofeedback. Northern Virginia magazine writes, “The balls work into the fascia lines, creating openness and encouraging correct alignment, and students can feel how sensations are connected throughout the body.”

Benefits: strengthen and align your entire posture, relax and soothe the muscles, feel stronger and more confident in your body, relieve pain and discomfort

“Nadi & Nice”® Relax & Massage

Enjoy the relaxing benefits of stretching and massage with this easy-going yoga class. The Nadi Ball lets you melt into hard-to-reach places that you can’t access with traditional stretching and foam rolling. Your muscles sink around the Nadi Ball, relaxing the tight, crunchy knots. And the fascia—the thin layer of tissue around the muscles and organs—begins to loosen and reshape. What you get is a whole-body experience that relieves tension, boosts the immune system, and improves circulation.

Benefits: relax and soothe the muscles, relieve pain and discomfort, boost the immune system

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Gain confidence in your practice by building a solid foundation with Ashtanga, one of the more traditional and challenging yoga practices. It encourages us to be patient with our bodies by building strength through a set sequence of postures mastered over time. Ashtanga plays an important role in understanding and learning the key poses that are the bedrock for a strong yoga practice.

Benefits: increase physical and mental strength and clarity, increase flexibility and range of motion, advance your yoga practice


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